Jessica King


License: CA 02096036

(424) 405-3874

Jessie joined our team after graduating from Pepperdine University with a B.S. in Business Administration. As a former Division I athlete, Jessie brings to the table exceptional discipline and vigor, and she enthusiastically welcomes challenge. Having family involved with investment real estate, Jessie grew up learning about multifamily investments and utilizing passive income to build an individual’s net worth. With this homegrown perspective in mind, Jessie strives to help her clients achieve their investment goals in a manner that directly and positively impacts their day-to-day lives. Jessie thoroughly enjoys providing clients with her advisory services as a 1031 exchange specialist. Through previous experience at a DST company, Jessie developed an invaluable and thorough understanding of 1031 exchanges, exchange options, and just how beneficial passive income earned through real estate investments can be.